About company

Core business of KOVO PLANÁ a.s.

The core business of KOVO PLANÁ a.s. is metal welding and materials surface finishing, machines production, locksmithery and metal-working.

The company specializes primarily on technically demanding and large-sized steel constructions production for escalators, conveyors and cranes and prouction of steel halls constructions and bridges. This activity has a long-time tradition in company´s place of business, i.e. Planá nad Lužnicí. The character of the production is small series with large scale of variation and modification based on customer´s requirements.

The KOVO PLANÁ a.s company is situated in south Czech region in Planá nad Lužnicí, 9 km south from Tábor, nearby the E 55 roadway, in the direction from Tábor to České Budějovice.

The history of the company

The joint-stock company KOVO PLANÁ a.s. was established on 1. 3. 2007 and is successor to the former division of Vodní stavby Praha a.s.

The construction of the Planá nad Lužnicí industrial estate had begun in the sixties, where later there was the production of complex and demanding steel building constructions for the nuclear power plant. This technology and production was successfully developed and implemented to the production of the constructions for both the domestic and the foreign companies.

Most of our employees is regularly trained and ready to offer the professional attitude to all of the customers. Our team currently consists of more than 90 reliable employees.

The services we provide

  • custom-tailored and atypical steel constructions and beams
  • locksmithery, steel, alloy and aluminium welding
  • escalators frames and constructions
  • steel shelters, bus stops
  • steel halls constructions
  • railings and steel staircases production
  • metal spiral staircase
  • spiral fire escapes
  • production of metal staircases according to the architect´s design
  • metal staircases
  • welding works
  • cogs and mop parts for manipulative devices
  • fast wear out parts for building machines production
  • hooks, pliers and consolidating accessories for cranes and building machines
  • devices for building companies – concrete baskets
  • splitting, shaping and blasting of materials
  • sheets bending and edging
  • charges
  • custom-made metal burnings
  • custom-made charges
  • coating and lacquering
  • and much more